On this site you find various demos of my music. All are published under a Creative Commons license, so you are free to copy, remix and even sell them. But you must credit me, Garry Ogle, and provide a link to this website.
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So What's New?

December 9th 2012 :
Another piece featuring guitarist César Carrasco, with a video too: "Nunataq".
Kudos to NASA and the European Space Agency for allowing public use of their video clips and animations.

March 9th 2012 :
A piece written in collaboration with César Carrasco: "Amian".

May 4th 2011 :
How time flies: a year since I last posted a tune!
Something a little different this time - I found this dark pair skulking at the bottom of my Virtual Sock Drawer (tm): "To Allah Via Rotating Machinery" and "Between The Wars".

Dec 7th 2010 :
"The Only Earthman In Town" was featured by David Bradshaw in his Tau Ceti Radio column for StarshipSofa episode 166. Check out this excellent Hugo-Award-winning audio sci-fi magazine!

May 20th 2010 :
A new song: "The Only Earthman In Town".

Apr 19th 2010 :
A remix: "Working Saturday II" features guitarist César Carrasco.

Mar 30th 2010 :
A revised version of "Things To Come".
My thanks to my fellow LinuxMusicians for their comments and suggestions.

Mar 14th 2010 :
Another song: "Things To Come".
More coming soon!

Dec 5th 2009 :
Two more new tunes:
A first for me - a song: "Dust". - and a laid-back jazz-ish instrumental: "Vancouver Moon"

Oct 14th 2009 :
A couple of new tunes:
"Ladder Against The Sky," a jazz-fusion instrumental, and "Tea And Biscuits," a programmed piece that started as a test-drive of the rather excellent renoise..

May 2nd 2009 :
"Moonchild!" A short piece of mutant funk.
(Looking back, this tune would have benefited from a bit more development. One day... )

March 11th 2009 :
"The Code For Sanna" now has a longer intro.

March 10th 2009 :
Inspired by Robert Macfarlane's excellent book "The Wild Places" : "Nam Bruadaran"

December 8th 2008 :
It's late, it's raining and it's a long walk home : "Late Return."

November 30th 2008 :
All I need is "The Code For Sanna": a piece about hectic city life and the need to get away.

November 18th 2008 :
"Salty Egg Noodles" A remix of Ken Restivo's "Salty Egg King".

November 9th 2008 :
"All Tomorrows Ghosts" is a remix of Dave Phillips' "Aura Amara".

October 30th 2008 :
Here are some Dark Soundscapes.....

October 18th 2008 :
I've got better things to do than this. It's a "Working Saturday."

October 10th 2008 :
Yay! A website of my very own! To celebrate this momentous occasion I've posted a new tune "Vanunu II" on the music page. The piece was written and performed by Ken Restivo, with guitar and additional samples and fx by yours truly. Enjoy!